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Below are links to additional information in the form of websites and booklets. Please take some time to check these out and if you have any questions please contact us.


Thanks for clicking through to find out more. There are so many questions about life and Christianity that a short film like that can’t answer, but here, we’ve created some booklets, videos and an informational resource that should answer just about any question you might have. That informational resource is on


We've found that most people’s questions fall into four categories;

- Why does God allow suffering?
- What about science and evolution - doesn't it disprove what the Bible teaches?
- You get to heaven by being good - don't you?
- Why should I bother with the Bible?


Hence the four booklets below. You're welcome to download them here:

We also have a booklet answering lots of questions – Exploding the Myths

Exploding the Myths

We don’t have to live without God. In Jesus Christ, God has given us an answer - but it’s an answer that over the years has become shrouded in mystery and myth. Today, few people believe that Christianity can provide real answers to the questions that all of us ask about life. Yet it can - as we hope you’ll discover in our ‘Exploding The Myths' booklet

The writer GK Chesterton once correctly remarked that the problem with Christianity was not that it has been tried and found wanting but that it has been found difficult and left untried.

So try it. You don’t need to read this whole thing from start to finish unless you want to. Just pick out the questions and issues that bother you most. If the answers make any kind of sense, find a Bible, read one of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John) and simply say ‘’God, I need to change the way I’ve been living - I want to know you. If you’re there, speak to me through this’’. He won’t disappoint you.

We’ve given away many thousands of these on Life Discovery days over the last twenty years and this booklet has been a key part of many people coming to know Jesus Christ.


Suffering video


International version


General version

We’ve also produced a couple of films – Space To Think 1 & 2 - that take you on a journey of asking life questions. You can view them here:

What if…. The important stuff you’re not sure about, you were sure about: Why am I here?, What’s my purpose? Does my life matter?
What if…. You had some answers, about life – and what makes it worth living. Where do you start, and where will it end?

In a film – two films – that give you Space to Think, you get a chance to follow a journey that begins to ask the questions that define who you are. And one that if you want, in a second film, begins to try and answer them.

God is nowhere, right? but what if you’re wrong...

Or if you’d like to get in contact, you can write to us at

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