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Stuff you’ll want to know…

Who we are? A non-denominational Christian ministry that’s been running events for 30 years

The message we share? Jesus Christ’s promise of ‘Life & Life to the full’ [John 10v10] and what it really means for us today. If you want to know what we talk about in the lunch and evening sessions on our events, you can go to our message website ( and view the kind of message we share in advance, then decide if you want to come.

When & where are the events? For a full day and almost always on the second Saturday of each month - at a farm in Surrey near Gatwick. Check with us for exact dates [click option to go to Event Dates page]

Who are the events aimed at? Adults over 18

Cost? If you don’t normally go to a church, then usually, you’ll come free of charge as a guest of someone who does, someone who will usually have given a donation towards our costs (typically £40 per head). Anything over that is entirely voluntary.

If you or the person who is bringing you can’t afford that, then no problem; simply come free of charge as our guest. As of course all the homeless people who come to our events do.

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