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​This is typical of the feedback we get month by month


I am writing to thank you for a great day on the 1st September. As someone who at 54 had never done activities like that, I really enjoyed them. But more than that, in the past year I have come to realise that I was brought up in a way that was inconsistent with the way God made me. Lately, with God's help, I have been peeling back the layers of my upbringing to find out how God built me, and who I really am, and even as Christian coming to know God as my Father in a fresh and real way. My day at Life Discovery felt like another piece in the jigsaw, so thank you for that. Could it be that Life Discovery may not only have a ministry to those who don't know the Lord, but also to Christians who had absent or dysfunctional fathering and have yet to know healing and restoration in that area through knowing more of the father heart of God.

Also on Saturday I was able to bring my step-son who doesn't yet know the Lord in the way we do. He too really enjoyed the day and expressed appreciation for being able to come.

Finally, a big thank you for yourself and each member of your team for your consistent hard work.

BT - Bedford

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